"Vintage is now" through wonderful pieces of today resembling the best of the past.

This is the case of Vevù . Vevù is more than a brand. Is a way of showing ouselves in beautiful clothes created by a talented lady called Suami.  Every season she rediscovers femininity and we simply love it.

This lovely off white lace dress, resembles the 60's when women paid high attention to their looks. Usually worn with gloves, even with a cute hat, a simple dress could be even sexy, apart from pretty.
Matched with vintage mary jane shoes and make-up & hair I felt like a  glamourous  actress.

Enjoy the flavour !! 

Photos: Melisa Torcivia
Dress: Vevù
Shoes: Prada
Makeup & Hair: Andy de Sanzo.
Location: MT backyard

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